Who are we?

C2V Consulting is a "single man venture" created in March 2017 by Dr Claude H. Vanvoren


Claude spent his whole career in primary aluminium production. The last 15 years were spent managing Technology organisations and promoting innovation for world leader technology providers (Pechiney, Alcan, Rio Tinto Aluminium), after 12 years in operations and plant management.


After leaving Rio Tinto early 2017, Claude is endeavouring consultancy activities in his field of expertise of technical services to Aluminium smelting but even more so offering to share experience and best practices in Innovation Strategy and Management, industry-wide.


Alongside C2V Consulting activities, Claude is active in the Aluminium industry through his role of ICSOBA (International Committee for Study of Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium) President and member of the TMS (The Mineral, Metals and Material Society) Nomination Committee.

Claude's biography

Born in 1954, Claude Vanvoren obtained his Engineer Degree in Electrochemistry and Electrometallurgy from National Polytechnic Institute in Grenoble (France). After a Master Degree in Solid State Electrochemistry, he achieved his PhD in Mineral Chemistry working on Carbon Monoxyde disproportionation.

Dr Vanvoren joined Pechiney in 1981 as a carbon research engineer and soon became head of the carbon department of the Aluminium Pechiney Research Center. During this period, his main fields of interest were carbonaceous raw material as well as paste plant and bake oven technology development.

After 6 years in R&D, he held several operational positions as Production Manager in Auzat, St Jean and Tomago Aluminium (Australia) before being appointed Technical Plant Manager of Tomago Aluminium in 1995.

Claude returned to France to become General Manager of the Aluminium Pechiney Smelter Technology Center (LRF) in St Jean de Maurienne in 2000 where he led the development of the new AP60 Pechiney reduction cell technology.

After successive acquisition of Pechiney by Alcan and Alcan by Rio Tinto, Claude successfully led two integration processes between the former Alcan, Alusuisse, Comalco and Pechiney legacy companies as Vice President, Research and Development.

Mid 2009, Claude was appointed Vice President Technology and R&D, Rio Tinto Aluminium (formerly Alcan), managing RTA R&D Centers of Excellence in Canada, France and Australia as well as corresponding Process Engineering organisations with the responsibility of delivering industry benchmark Technology Packages both in Bauxite & Alumina and Primary Metal.

From March 2017, Dr Claude Vanvoren is proposing consulting services in Innovation Strategy and Management as well as technology development and operational support in aluminium smelting.

Claude holds professional memberships in the Metallurgical Society (USA), Canadian Institute of Mining, Industrial Research Institute (USA) and the “Cercle des Partenaires”, Industrial partners to the French “Académie des Technologies”.


Claude is married to Dany and is father of two sons.