Technology development & operational support in aluminium smelting

Thanks to more than 35 years of experience in Primary Metal, both in Technology Development and Operation, and numerous network connexions with renowned consultants of the Aluminium industry , C2V Consulting can provide assistance to your management team on the following topics:

Growth strategy development

Maintaining and increasing smelter competitiveness is permanently requiring to push further existing equipment or technologies (creep) or leap frogging to next available technology.

Production increase is an avenue to smelter productivity increase.


In such example, we are able to support company or site senior management to:

  • Review business case
  • Review overall development plan
  • Support technology selection

Organisational review

Being a single plant smelter or a site belonging to a global organisation, no need to say the "one size fits all" organisation doesn't exists!


Depending on the context and the business objectives, some solution would deliver enhanced performance. Looking at smelter organisation through external lenses is always beneficial, particularly for benchmark approach.


Mission scope could cover:

  • General plant organisation
  • Operation department organisation
  • Technical support / Operational Excellence organisation (local or central)

Technical review

In association with your technical team or other external technical experts, technical review sponsored by company or site senior management can be carried out in the following fields:

  • Smelter power supply / substation
  • Carbon department
  • Reduction department
  • Casthouse department
  • Process control and automation
  • General services and civil engineering