35th Conference and Exhibition ICSOBA 2017

The 35th International Conference and Exhibition of ICSOBA obtained support from Trimet Aluminium and DadCo and attracted 280 delegates from 34 countries in Hamburg, Germany from 2nd to 5th of October.



ICSOBA 2017 conference featured 125 international industry and academia speakers who covered topics including bauxite and bauxite resources, alumina production and bauxite residue solutions, primary aluminium production, carbon and carbon materials, as well as aluminium downstream processing.



Under the direction of Michel Reverdy and Vinko Potocnik the 2017 papers were published in the TRAVAUX vol. No. 46, which this year contains 1172 pages (a record for ICSOBA). 

Information on ICSOBA

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The 36th ICSOBA International Meeting & Exposition will be held October 29 – November 1, 2018, in Belem, Brazil in collaboration with Hydro. The theme of the meeting will be "Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium Industry in Brazil and New Global Developments," and your paper could be a part of the excitement! It's already time to start working on your submissions for the next year conference! 

ICSOBA 2017 overview

To read a comprehensive overview of the Conference, including the five Best Papers awarded, feel free to download attached article

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