Aluminium as a Material for Creativity

A product of the second phase of industrialization, cast as a symbol of progress in science then subsequently of ‘modernity’, aluminium has assumed a diversity of guises across the centuries of its use. It has been vaunted by some (designers, artisans and artists) as a malleable metal of high value in the domains of science, technology and sport. It has, meanwhile, been accorded in other domains of the social world a more lowly status, the banal and every day being somewhat less feted.

For the last conference of the ‘ANR Créalu’, the goal is to shed light, via an interdisciplinary approach, on the creative processes harnessed in maximizing the potentiality of the new material since its discovery and invention during the mid 19th century. This will involve tracing the evolution of an industrial sector from its beginnings in the bauxite mines to the production of everyday objects, the presentation and usage of both commonplace and high end consumer products, and the appropriation of the material by societies within the wider context of globalization.

The conference will be held in French and English.

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Technology development in a global Organisation
Rio Tinto Alcan perspective
Presentation Colloque Crealu- 11.12.2014
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