C2V Consulting

Provides services and support in the fields of:

  • Innovation Strategy and Management
  • Aluminium smelting

Innovation: the true powerhouse of your company

Irrespective of whether your company is product, process or services oriented, innovation should become your company's true powerhouse by inspiring proactively your Company Strategy rather than by triggering a more conventional adjustment to the Business Environment.


Service to Aluminium smelting

C2V Consulting : how can we help you!

Our ambition is to identify with you and your team(s) the few incremental moves which, ultimately, will produce the step change you are looking for.


Our approach is always To start from the people, whether it is collaborating with your Executive Committee or a production crew, in order to build together, step by step, a solution to address the issue for which you give us the mandate. The efficiency of this process is ensured by permanent cross check with C2V Consulting experience of similar cases worked through over the years.


We are not claiming ready made tools, methodologies or models. However we do claim active listening and ability to extract and put into perspective the ideas lying hidden in your organisation, in a disciplined and efficient way.


We are also available to support you during the implementation phase by delivering training or specific team/individual coaching.